Review of Caffe Bramano Coffee – Delizia Espresso Blend

Cools Beans is a confident coffee company. When a company sends you a sample to review that tells me that they have complete faith in the quality and consistency of their product. It turns out that Cool Beans have a lot to be confident about. Mahogany brown beans have a gentle chocolaty aroma with a bright woody fragrance being released as they pass through the burrs. Espressos are very lively with beautifully bright woody flavour followed by a citrus twist and a gentle spicy finish. It’s delicious with robust yet complex flavour, medium body and smooth, glossy texture. The thick, silky crema makes for effortless latte art and a delicious flat white with the warm woody flavour and comforting spicy notes cutting through the milk nicely. This blend makes one of the best americanos that I’ve sample so far. The vibrant woody and spicy notes have been softened and mellowed by the extra fluid and are carried beautifully by rich, syrupy texture. This blend delivers big flavours without being too strong making it extremely moreish and well suited to anyone looking for a blend that they can sip all afternoon.

 Café owners take note: this is the best all-rounder I’ve sampled so far.

In a nutshell: A versatile espresso blend with a very well balanced combination of vibrant flavours.

Overall verdict: Very good 8.5/10

Antoine Lamarque (Independent Coffee Critic)

In the last year we have been supplied by Cool Beans, The service and quality has been excellent.

Paul Newsome. Funtastic Snowdon Road St. Annes FY8 3DP

Cool Beans have been our coffee suppliers since 2007.  We have found them to be competitive with all the coffees we use are really good quality.  A hotel of our size and calibre needs to be able to rely on its suppliers and know that they are able to cope with bringing us what we need when we need it.

F. Spearman  Proprietor 

North Euston Hotel, The Esplanade, Fleetwood.

Cool beans have been supplying our businesses across the North of England for 10 years. They are large enough to supply the goods and services that we require but manage to maintain the flexibility and personal touch that you don’t often find with the more impersonal larger suppliers. A business is only as good as the  products that they sell and our long and fruitful relationship with Cool Beans is testament to the quality and professionalism of the company.

Barista Coffee, Blackpool

We have been using Cool beans coffee since 2006 when we first ventured into real coffee. The advice, equipment and service we had from Cool Beans was and always has been first rate.

Our first business a children’s soft play centre made fantastic profits from the coffee we sold to parents and carers, without the correct equipment and quality coffee, a very large proportion of the income generated would not have been possible.

After selling the soft play centre for an easier life, we have now opened up a small country café which gets almost 80% of its turnover from hot drinks and cakes. We continue to be known locally for our exceptional coffees thanks in no small part to the equipment and ingredients we still get from Cool Beans and their continuing support.

Gary Foister Owner Café Acorns
Burbage Common
LE10 3DD

I lease purchased my Rancilio Epoca group 2 coffee machine from Cool Beans over 2 years  ago and I’ve been nothing but impressed with their service and professionalism.  They made the purchase of the machine so easy and arranged for it to be installed and gave full training on the machine which greatly helped.  Their coffee beans are superb and my customers love the taste which helped establish my business from the offset.  They have also been great at helping provide service engineers for the machine and advise on any queries or issues I’ve had as a customer.  I would use them time and time again.  Thanks.

Jo Scarratt Four Teas  Café and Tea Rooms  OX10 9NS

“Since taking over our Children’s Soft play area a couple of years ago we have been supplied by Cool Beans Coffee UK.   Our customers love the coffee and when we ran out and tried another companies we couldn’t wait to get back to Cool Beans.   We are very happy with not only the coffee but the service and would recommend the company to anyone wanting good quality and good service.”

Lesley – Wildkidz, Leicester. LE10 1HW

“A fantastic, reliable and highly efficient, friendly service offering an excellent product that is thoroughly enjoyed by all our members and users”…

Gareth Fegan 

Manager YMCA

St. Annes on Sea, Lancashire