Private Label Coffee Bags

At Cool Beans Coffee we give our customers across the UK the choice of whether to use our branding or their own private label bags which we do for you free of charge. Below is just one example of how this can work for your branding and what we can do.  We can also personalise […]

Cool Beans have secured the contract for the Royal Hotels in Blackpool.

This year Cool Beans have secured another chain of hotels and are proud to continue our steady growth in the UK market. An exciting day for Royal Hotels, our first delivery of our very own ‘ROYAL BLEND’ Coffee! Hotel Cluster manager ‘Mark Brockbank’ welcomed the arrival at the Royal Alexandra Hotel earlier today. Mr Brockbank […]

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines come in many different makes.   WMF is a German company, Jura is Swiss, Franke, comprises subsidiaries in Switzerland (company headquarters in Aarburg), Germany, the Netherlands, in Austria, the US, UK and Japan which, together, employ about 500 employees and  Horeca acts as the UK agent for one of European’s biggest […]

Espresso Coffee Machines

In the modern world an essential piece of equipment in any catering outlet is a coffee machine.  The most popular are Espresso Coffee Machines.   These are generally made on the continent, mostly Italy and imported through agents or branches of the manufacturers in the UK.   They come in a variety of sizes and options.   When […]

Jura Coffee Machines

Way back in 1931 in a small village called Niederbuchsiten half way between Zurich and Berne at the southern end of the Jura mountain range Jura Coffee Machines, named after the mountains, were founded.   They were mostly domestic model machines sold to the local Swiss market until 1991 when automatic speciality coffee machines came into […]

Coffee Suppliers

Coffee Suppliers could be said to be of four differing types. Firstly there are the farmers and workers in a variety of countries throughout the world who produce the coffee plants on their farms, taking four years or more to tend them, pick them when fully grown and then process them for sending on their […]

Leasing Coffee Machines

Starting up a new business in catering or simply need to expand you current business and upgrade equipment? Leasing Coffee Machines could be the way forward for you. Many people when running a business have problems with cash flow, especially in the start up period or if they are situated in a seasonal holiday town […]

Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines are the coffee maker of choice for most commercial outlets in Britain and overseas. Most come from Italy where they are manufactured and imported by a variety of companies who then sell them to distributors of their own personal brand. Commercial Coffee Machines come in various sizes and can therefore be purchased […]

Coffee Shop Suppliers

When you think of the supplies a coffee shop might need, what springs immediately to mind? Coffee and coffee machines! There are many other things Coffee Shop Suppliers may able to supply such as sugar, bread, rolls, cakes, butter and many other ingredients depending on the Menu which the Coffee Shop uses. As previously identified […]

Coffee Suppliers in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is one of the most deceptive counties in England. It appears to be just flat rolling fields and fens but there is a tremendous amount going on and it has a very respectable heritage and history behind it. Some of the events that Coffee Suppliers in Lincolnshire need to be aware of in order […]