Bean to Cup Coffee Machines come in many different makes.   WMF is a German company, Jura is Swiss, Franke, comprises subsidiaries in Switzerland (company headquarters in Aarburg), Germany, the Netherlands, in Austria, the US, UK and Japan which, together, employ about 500 employees and  Horeca acts as the UK agent for one of European’s biggest manufacturers, North West Global.  There are of course many others and these machines are used throughout Britain in coffee shops, boutique hotels, canteens in hospitals, factories etc and also can be used for outside catering when necessary.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are preferred by some venues as they, assuming they are properly cared for, are known for their consistency in producing top quality cups of coffee every time.   They are fully automatic and able to produce up to 250 cups of coffee per day depending on the model.   Venues where there are several different staff working in shifts as it is not necessary for them to be trained in any way.

When buying Bean to Cup Coffee Machines it is wise to have a look at the different options available.   Look at the amount of covers you have, check on the busy times to make sure that the machine will actually handle a very busy period and then look at the machine which will suit your particular clientele.   A fairly moderately priced machine, such as the Jura mid range are adequate for places like sports clubs, bars, offices, clinics where staff like to have good coffee or other low volume venues.   The more expensive machines such as the WMF Bistro models which sell for around £10,000 as a basic model will service up to 300 cups per day.   Most Bean to Cup Machines will be sold with a milk cooler and CTU water filter as part of the package and be installed for you by qualified engineers.   The smaller tank fed machines of course do not need a water filter or installation in the package but do require an electricity supply in close proximity to where the machine will be based.  Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are not really suitable for the venues where more than 300 cups of coffee per day are sold, a larger traditional espresso machine would be more in keeping with one of these establishments.

Tank fed Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are often used by caterers who do outside catering as the plumbed in versions are of course not portable.

Again, for those who are considering the use of one of these automatic coffee machines please make sure you research your clientele and volume before purchase as although excellent machines in every way they are not all suitable for the same venues.