Belissimo Speciality Blend. Strong and punchy with a syrupy mouthfeel, strong notes of cedar wood with an earthy finish. With milk, rich chocolate flavours develop with a lingering finish.

So Whats in Belissimo Speciality Blend

Ethiopian Coffee from the region of Djimmah, a mixture of small holder’s farms and varietals which are most likely to be intercropped with other local fruits or vegetables. The natural processing of the coffee from this region allows for a full-bodied cup combined with the altitude it is grown at as well as the shade the covers the crops whilst growing provides a fruity acidity.

Renowned for its high content of Robusta producing qualities, is the origin of the naturally processed Robusta in this blend. Providing a syrupy body, mild peachiness and a malt finish, it accentuates the performers of this blend by boosting their qualities and adding more complexity.

Brazil Santos
An interesting arabica coffee due to the low altitude it grows at, a mixture of varietals, Bourbon and Catuai, in the typical natural processed method of a Brazilian Coffee. Being the biggest producer of coffee in the world, most of the vast estates use mechanical stripping due to the physical amount that needs harvesting. Even with the lower altitude of this coffee growing region the soils, regional climate and typical forecasted temperatures allow for the coffee to thrive, and in combination of the processing method allows for the beans to provide the generic profiles of a brazil; chocolate, nuts and caramel.

From the Huila region, has evolved from a small group which formed the cooperative into one that now has 62,963 members all with the best representation of their interests as producers at the heart of it. The cooperative Cadefihuila aim to transfer the highest possible price to the coffee growers as well as supporting them in training and funding to improve the Huila coffee sector.