Bourbon Red Speciality Blend. A sweet and nutty coffee with a good malty flavour and a creamy mouthfeel. Medium acidity and a rich earthy aftertaste make this a very pleasant blend.

So Whats in Bourbon Red Speciality Blend

Latin Americas
A showcase of typically Honduras and Peru for the generic great test of a Central American coffee. Both being ranked approximately 7th in the world as coffee exporting countries, Honduras and Peru have alternating harvest periods and a similar range of varietals grown at origins. Both countries plantations are majority small holders with an average size of 2-3 hectares, in a range of microclimates and varying altitudes both countries produce quality lots and have increased their standing in the speciality coffee game.

Sumatran coffee from the country of Indonesia is a distinct Asiatic coffee, using a wet hulled process to aid in part fermentation before drying. Being selectively handpicked it allows for optimum ripeness for each bean; as coffee plantations are intercropped with crops such as pepper it can add a spiciness to a peachy fruit flavour.

Brazil Santos
An interesting arabica coffee due to the low altitude it grows at, a mixture of varietals, Bourbon and Catuai, in the typical natural processed method of a Brazilian Coffee. Being the biggest producer of coffee in the world, most of the vast estates use mechanical stripping due to the physical amount that needs harvesting. Even with the lower altitude of this coffee growing region the soils, regional climate and typical forecasted temperatures allow for the coffee to thrive, and in combination of the processing method allows for the beans to provide the generic profiles of a brazil; chocolate, nuts and caramel.