May 27, 2022 6:18 am

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Caramela Speciality Blend

Caramela Speciality Blend. The story behind this blend was our desire to create a coffee masterpiece that is perfect as a traditional espresso but also has the characteristics strong enough to pull through milk.

This creation is done without much of the powerful strength that some would associate with a bitter taste or flavour but enough punch to give it a laidback kick. You should associate this blend with a strong but mellow, smooth, premium tasting coffee.

Strength profile: medium

Our newest blend for 2021

Here at Cool Beans we are always evolving and changing as a company to improve our blends and offerings to our clients. It has not been an easy year for the industry, but we have chosen to spend the time wisely by scrutinising how we could possibly take our coffee blends to the next level. This was no easy task. Our 2020 Bella Rose blend is now nationally known as one of the finest coffees in the UK market and we knew that this would take some beating. Was it even possible? According to the reviews on our social media it was not. Well, we can categorically state that we believe it is and this is it.

Absolutely perfect through a traditional espresso machine and creating a magnificent crema with a smooth, creamy, caramel aftertaste this is quite possibly our most amazing creation yet. This is our high-end coffee solution which perfectly compliments a fully trained Barista but also works well in a Bean to Cup Machine. This blend will rival any independent coffee shop or high-quality coffee house in terms of looks, taste and quality. We think it surpasses them.

This is a true masterpiece and another triumph in the evolution of not only our company but the world of coffee.


The Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta allows you to create a blend that has a rich, chocolate taste followed by a lasting and creamy finish to a silky, heavy espresso depending on the blend and roast profile.

Brazil is the world’s leading grower and exporter of coffee beans, with a mellow flavor that makes for a very typical dark roast. About one-third of all of the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil, and much of Brazil’s premium coffee is labeled Santos after the port it is shipped through.

Ethiopia Genika is a type of Arabica coffee of single origin grown exclusively in the Bench Maji Zone of Ethiopia. Like most African coffees, Ethiopia Guraferda features a small and greyish bean, yet is valued for its deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma.

These coffees are Shade Grown at an altitude of 600-950 Meters above Sea Level, under a two-tier shade canopy often mixed with spices (Pepper), fruit crops (Banana, Jack Fruit) and Jungle Trees. The Special Preparation comes from Robusta coffees grown in the South Indian state of Karnataka which is home to some of the best coffees India produces.

Colombia coffee reviews tend to note it as medium-bodied with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity. The best high-grown Colombian coffee typifies the classic Latin American mild, fruity flavor though not the type of fruity taste that seems almost fermented.