Coffee Machine Suppliers in the Lake District

The Lake District is a fabulous area of natural beauty with its mountains, rivers and lakes spreading over 2,292 square kilometres. Windermere 10.5 miles long in the north of the area has boats, jet ski’s ferries and windsurfers most of the year round and attracts hundreds of visitors to it shores daily. Bowness and Ambleside […]

Coffee Suppliers in the North East

The North East of England is mainly thought of as an Industrial area, with only three cities, Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham dominating the large area. Industry has flourished in the North East since Roman times and over the years the chemical industry has been prominent due to the large mineral deposits of Salt […]

Coffee Machine Rental

One thing which is vitally important to a coffee shop or restaurant wherever they are situated is the ability to supply the best of produce for its customers including coffee. There is nothing worse than having a good meal spoiled by having a bad cup of coffee at the end of it, as that is […]

Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall.

What do you think of when someone mentions Cornwall? Most of us conjure up visions of beautiful beaches, surfers and palm trees, almost like being on the Mediterranean coast or maybe even the Amalfi coast in Italy. Maybe Lands End springs to mind or the Eden project. However, if we think that these are the […]

Coffee Suppliers in London

Coffee Suppliers in London face a market which is so diverse that it is difficult to know how they keep the population happy, but they do. Every conceivable type of restaurant, café and fast food joint can be found in this huge cosmopolitan city. The City of London which houses the financial and business area […]

How do we keep our coffee machine clean?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “ How do we keep our Coffee Machine clean and running efficiently? ”   Apart from the fact that nothing looks worse to a customer in your establishment than a coffee machine stained and caked in yesterday’s leftovers, a major part of your daily routine should […]

Birmingham Coffee Suppliers

Birmingham, a thriving metropolis in the centre of England is a hub of industry, tourism and business with a huge potential for Birmingham Coffee Suppliers to tap into. The addition of a large student population form the Universities and Campus facilities and a major new Hospital where three sites offer a multitude of opportunities in […]

Wholesale coffee suppliers

Britain as we know does not grow coffee beans and therefore all coffee we need has to be imported and then roasted and prepared before passing onto the hands of Wholesale Coffee Suppliers throughout the UK. Some of these Wholesale Coffee Suppliers are part of a large conglomerate which supplies not only coffee but many […]

Liverpool Coffee Suppliers

Liverpool Coffee Suppliers. One of Britain’s major cities ports Liverpool sports a huge heritage in both industry and entertainment. It famous sons and daughters include the Beatles, Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, Arthur Askey, Tony Booth actor and father of Cherie Blair, Anne Clough – suffragette from 1800’s, Edwina Currie MP, Nicholas Monsarrat – Author, John […]

La Spaziale S5 Coffee Machine

La Spaziale S5 Coffee Machine The La Spaziale S5 coffee machine is an amazing Workhorse that gives you all the style you need for the most modern or classical of coffee shops.  A traditional espresso machine which has a built in  heat exchange system between the boiler and the coffee delivery group with steam circulation […]