One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “ How do we keep our Coffee Machine clean and running efficiently? ”   Apart from the fact that nothing looks worse to a customer in your establishment than a coffee machine stained and caked in yesterday’s leftovers, a major part of your daily routine should be a general maintenance clean on this essential part of your equipment.   Nobody wants their venue to be labelled dirty or unhygienic so keeping your coffee machine and grinder looking pristine is extremely important to your business.

Answering the question:

How do we keep our coffee machine clean?        Part 1.

At the end of every working day take the time to help your machine stay healthy and in immaculate condition by following the simple process outlined here.

Make sure the steam wands are clean by using hot water on a clean cloth; be sure to avoid using scourers as this would scratch the stainless steel. If it is possible to remove the tips, do so and make sure there are no obstructions inside.   Screw the tip back onto the wand.

Get some hot water in a container, about three or four inches deep, add a reputable cleaner such as Puly milk or a similar product ready to soak any parts over night.

Take off the group handle and remove the filter basket to run it under hot water and use a scouring pad to loosen any residue and then put the basket into the above solution to soak overnight.   Next put a blanking disc into the group handle and add a cleaner such as Puly Caf, or similar again attach the group handle back onto the group head and the flush water into the group head by using the manual override.    To carry this out press and hold the manual override for a count of three seconds.  Turn it off and repeat several times.  You will burn out the solenoid if you merely turn on the water.  The blanking disc will help the water to flush back descale it.

How do we keep our coffee machine clean?   Part 2

If you normally turn off your coffee machine, open the steam wands to purge your espresso coffee machine and purge the steam wands.   It is possible to leave them on over night to eliminate the warm up period in the morning.

To clean the shower heads you remove them from the grouphead, they are inside and can be removed by taking out the screw which holds in the shower screen and brass plate.   Put the screw in a safe easily accessible place near to your commercial espresso machine, scrub the screen and plate with a good scourer and place them in the cleaning fluid over night to soak.

Next it is time for the drip tray on your coffee machine.   Pull them away from your espresso machine and clean the tray and grating.   Leave them to dry.  Next morning they will be ready to go back into use with your commercial coffee machine.

Finally to make sure that your coffee machine is spotless and gives a good impression to all your customers.  Using a good quality cleaner, or window cleaner, with paper towels clean and buff the external surfaces of the commercial coffee machine until it gleams.

How do we keep our Coffee machine clean?     Part 3

Before opening time next day:

You now have to reassemble your commercial coffee machine by replacing all the parts you have soaked or cleaned over night.   Replace the drip tray and grating which should now be dry. Turn your machine on making sure to remember that the steams wands will be open.   Leaving them open carry on with the reassembly of your commercial coffee machine by listening for the hiss they will make as they regain pressure.   Make sure to shut them off.   You will know your coffee machine is ready by checking the pressure gauges and your operating instructions.   Now it is time to rinse off all the components which have been soaking over night and leave them to drain using clean cloths.
Your commercial coffee machine group heads now have to be put back together, taking the screen, the brass plate and the screw and reassemble the shower head inside the grouphead.   Put your filter baskets with the group handles.

You are now ready for the day and all your customers to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee produced by your clean and shiny commercial coffee machine.

How do we keep our coffee machine clean? Part 4

To Clean your Commercial Coffee Grinder:

Firstly, shut the hopper gate and take the hopper off your commercial Grinder.   Take the beans out and store in a suitable airtight container overnight to ensure freshness for next day.   Wash the hopper with warm soapy water and dry by putting onto a drainer overnight.   Never put the hopper back onto the grinder damp to prevent water seeping into the grinder and rusting internal parts.
Empting the chamber is the next job; it is done by continuously pulling the dosing lever until all the ground coffee has been removed.   This can then be used as regular filter coffee.
Complete by brushing out the grinder with your grinder brush to ensure the wheels and internal chambers are clean, dry and coffee free.

Again using window cleaner of a good cleaning agent, clean and polish the hopper with paper towels and then reassemble the next morning onto the top of your commercial coffee grinder.
Following these simple instructions will make sure you have clean, efficient coffee equipment you will be proud to use.