One thing which is essential for all businesses is working equipment whatever the type.   A Coffee Shop or Hotel with a coffee machine need to have access to a company who can swiftly and efficiently carry out any coffee machine repairs to ensure that business is not disproportionately disrupted by malfunctioning equipment.

We all know that the best way to avoid having to carry out coffee machine repairs is to be diligent in ensuring that your coffee machine is regularly serviced and kept spotlessly clean by following the steps outline elsewhere on this website.   However, there is always the time no matter how careful one is that a special function is in the offing and a couple of days before hand a machine breaks down.   If this happens, don’t worry, give us a call and we can organise one of our engineers in your area to give you a call and try to sort out the problem.   Sometimes is can be done over the phone but mainly they will come to your premises and fix whatever is wrong within a very short space of time.   Our coffee machine repairs department is a major part of our operation.

Our engineers are specially chosen to be able to respond quickly when coffee machine repairs become necessary. We as a company recognise that downtime on your coffee machine means a considerable upset for staff and customers alike.   It may be that you have to resort to using Filter coffee or Instant.   In this instance coffee machine repairs carried out with minimum delay are essential.

A catering establishment without access to speedy coffee machine repairs, be the machine a traditional espresso machine, a bean to cup machine or even a bulk brewer for filter coffee will soon find out how difficult it is to reach an engineer who can attend to the problem.   Having been in the coffee and coffee machine business since 2005 our team knows where and when we can reach these very busy people.   As we have several in each area who are willing to respond as quickly as possible it is unusual for us not to be able to have someone contact you within a few hours.   Obviously although the engineers do carry spare parts for most machines there may have to be a delay if the part required is not one which is easily accessible.   This is not normally a problem we encounter but it cannot be ruled out as a possibility.  This could have repercussions for your trade.


A sound piece of advice is to:


a.    Make sure your coffee machine is thoroughly cleaned after use each day using quality cleaners.

b.    Try to make sure it is serviced regularly, at least once per year, by a qualified engineer.

c.    If the unthinkable does happen call our coffee machine repair department as soon as possible.


Do not try to fix your machine yourself without the aid of one of our engineers as you may cause more damage than the original fault especially on the Automatic Espresso Machines who have several computerised parts.