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How many Coffee Shops are there in the UK?   Hard to say, but many thousands it would be imagined.  All of these need Coffee Shop Coffee Machines in order to be able to ply their trade.

Cool Beans Coffee UK Ltd., supplies not only Coffee Shop Coffee Machines but high-quality coffees to use with them.

If you consider how many coffee shops, each needing a reliable Coffee Shop Coffee Machine which, although being a good quality high standard machine has a shelf life of around six or seven years in a busy venue, then the number of machines needing replaced each year is phenomenal.   Cool Beans has recognised this and is set up to be able to visit any venue on mainland UK to give a socially distanced (taking into consideration Covid 19) demonstration of not only one of their high-quality Coffee Shop Coffee Machines but their great tasting coffee.    The vans travel all over the UK and all it takes is a quick phone call to arrange a time and place mutually convenient either at your work place, home or even the local park where we can offer a complete and comprehensive demonstration of our services.

Many people who run coffee shops do not know when they start up which kind of machine would be most suitable for their venue. As experts in the field Cool Beans can advise on most aspects taking into consideration, number of covers, footfall, type of clientele and making allowances for budget, recommend the Coffee Shop Coffee Machines that will give them the best value for money and also arrange finance for lease purchase at very competitive rates.

Bean to Cup machines are very suitable for the smaller venue where space might be at a premium as the grinder is integrated into the machine and therefore does not require a separate area near to the machine for ease of working. The modern bean to cup Coffee Shop Coffee Machines offers a wide variety of drinks at one touch, either by touch control or push button dependent on the model.   This means the venue doesn’t need to hire qualified Barista staff as the machine gives high quality, consistent results every time so that the customer always can rely on getting the same taste each time, they come to sample the wares.

Traditional Espresso Coffee Shop Coffee Machines are a good choice where staff are experienced, in making a variety of coffee drinks and the venue is large enough to have room for a machine and grinder close to where the serving takes place.   High volume venues such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Nero tend to use Espresso Coffee machines as they are able to produce, depending on size, up to 6 cups at one time on a three-group machine.

Either type of machine is available through Cool Beans Coffee UK Ltd., and the number to reach us is

Tel: 0800 1076341  

Or contact us through our

E-Mail: [email protected]

Our friendly staff will be happy to offer support and advice when you need it.

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