When you think of the supplies a coffee shop might need, what springs immediately to mind? Coffee and coffee machines! There are many other things Coffee Shop Suppliers may able to supply such as sugar, bread, rolls, cakes, butter and many other ingredients depending on the Menu which the Coffee Shop uses.
As previously identified the first thing that would come to mind is the Coffee and the equipment needed to make the coffee. Most Coffee Shop Suppliers would supply mainly these items along with accessories for the machines and maybe crockery for the coffee and the creams and milk which go into the steaming cup of coffee for the customer to enjoy.

Regardless of where the coffee shop is it will need similar equipment which normally includes an espresso machine, a grinder, a knock out drawer, thermometers, frothing jugs and crockery. The Coffee blends will change depending on the part of the country the venue is in and the type of menu being offered. It is up to Coffee Shop Suppliers to be aware of the needs of their particular customers and a good working relationship is essential.

Cool Beans Coffee UK is a Coffee Shop Supplier to cafes and coffee shops in many different areas. Leicestershire with a Children’s Play Area and also a Conservation Area cafeteria, Merseyside – a well known Spa, Preston where the coffee shop is mainly for office workers, a tea room in Oxfordshire and in St. Annes on sea – gymnasium and swimming pool areas among many other types of venues and locations locally and nationally. It is surprising the variety of different scenarios that arise from the different areas. For example some play areas prefer to use coffee beans and these tend not to be the same blend but others use freeze dried coffee and chocolate in vending type machines. All sell a lot of coffee and say that their main profit comes from the sale of these drinks.

Cafés and tea rooms again vary as do cafes catering for mainly office workers on industrial estates. To make sure we are giving our customers the best possible product we regularly check with them to find out if all is well and to let them know of any developments in our service. This aspect of a Coffee Shop Suppliers role is essential; it ensures continuity in supplies and keeps the customer feeling secure in the quality and standard of the goods they are purchasing.

As a good Coffee Shop Supplier, Cool Beans offers a comprehensive service especially to those café owners who might be just starting up. A package deal of everything they might need to give the clients a really good coffee experience. This gives them the bonus of knowing that once the machine is in place no matter what type it is, whether it is an espresso machine, a Bean to cup machine or even a bulk brew filter machine for the larger cafeterias, we install, test, train the staff on its use and even supply the coffee with all the accessories required like the grinder and the knockout box for the coffee grounds.
The role of the Coffee Shop Supplier is twofold.

They need to source the products they sell responsibly and make sure only the best goes to the customer and also to make sure that if changes occur to the customers business they have the capacity to quickly adapt and supply appropriate alternatives should it be necessary. Cool Beans Coffee UK keeps on top of this role and our customers appreciate our efforts as you will see from our testimonial page.