What do you think of when someone mentions Cornwall? Most of us conjure up visions of beautiful beaches, surfers and palm trees, almost like being on the Mediterranean coast or maybe even the Amalfi coast in Italy. Maybe Lands End springs to mind or the Eden project. However, if we think that these are the only things Cornwall has to offer we would be way off the mark.

It is a veritable haven for those interested in the Arts or walking on the moors or even just chilling out in the lovely scenery around it miles of tranquil beaches. Given it huge influx of visitors during the summer months from throughout UK or abroad Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall are in great demand. The larger attractions such as the Eden Project with its wonderful flora and climate controlled walkways or the Carnglaze Slate Caverns where you can wander through the huge caverns in the old slate quarry or decide to visit the enchanted dell where you will meet fairies, hobbits and friendly dragons, need to offer refreshments to their visitors. What better way than a delicious cup of coffee or tea. The kids might go for pop but Mum and Dad want a good quality beverage made with good ingredients and equipment. Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall have to match the special Cornish Cream Tea quality with a drink offering a complimentary taste for that special treat.

Given the variety of venues such as Art Galleries, Theatre, outdoor attractions, local pubs and tea rooms all catering for the tourist trade as well as locals it is no wonder that the Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall have their work cut out keeping pace. Restaurants abound in Falmouth, Newquay, Liskeard, Bude, Landsend, Bodmin and many other towns. Theatres and art galleries on most also need the services of the Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall to help keep their customers happy and contented when, as sometimes happens, the weather turns inclement and a hot drink is most welcome.

Fishing has been a main industry in Cornwall since anyone can remember and longer, that and smuggling made sure that the Cornish people survived. Tin and Copper mining have mostly died out now but the fishing boats still supply local markets with a fresh catch daily. Locals and visitors alike enjoy a trip to the shore when the boats come in and a refreshing cup of coffee supplied by the cafes around the beach is a must. Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall know where they need to be and what they need to offer for this thriving market.

From Landsend to Falmouth and Truro the Coffee Suppliers in Cornwall are able to anticipate when they will be at their busiest and make sure that everyone is kept supplied. Cool Beans Coffee is happy they are able to service this special area which is on our South Coast and brings such a large number of tourists into Britain.