Coffee Suppliers in London face a market which is so diverse that it is difficult to know how they keep the population happy, but they do. Every conceivable type of restaurant, café and fast food joint can be found in this huge cosmopolitan city. The City of London which houses the financial and business area is fully of Wine Bars and Café Bars which suit the type of clientele from the business sector. Lunch time and after work as well as some breakfast meetings need to be catered for with all day type coffees which would be processed from the milder Kenyan or Columbian Arabica beans.

Restaurants to which the Coffee Suppliers in London are mainly targeting need the heavier French blends with a smattering of chicory to give the distinctive flavour of the Bistro serving continental foods. The tourist trade will cross the spectrum with visitors wishing to have respite from the shops or tourist attractions with a quiet coffee in the coffee shops and bars or even in the High end shop café’s like Harrods and Selfridges want a mellow comforting blend. Fast food outlets in places like the London Eye or Madame Tussauds will need the fast turnover of the freeze dried coffee in vending machines or the bulk brew filter coffee for its coffee shops. The Coffee Suppliers in London need to be able to supply them all.

Some visitors to London also like to eat food from their own part of the world which makes the ethnic restaurants from Turkey, China, India, Thailand, the Caribbean, Indonesia, and many more a challenge for the Coffee Suppliers in London. Ensuring the correct type of coffee to suit their taste is available from the roasting plants, including Fairtrade and organic blends is a task not to be undertaken lightly. Knowing your product is really important for this market.

Cool Beans Coffee UK with its 30 years background in coffee distribution and supply endeavours to keep up to date with the new blends and trends to make sure it is au fait with what is required to be a Coffee Supplier in London and its surrounding areas.

The history and special ambiance of London makes it a much visited place. The Monarchy with its pomp and ceremony, the 2012 Olympic wonderful spectacle, classic shopping and easy access from the world’s business centres, having two international airports on its doorstep makes London one of the top ten busiest cities in the world. Coffee Suppliers in London are privileged to be in the unique position of being able to supply the world, if not in their home country, in ours.