The North East of England is mainly thought of as an Industrial area, with only three cities, Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham dominating the large area. Industry has flourished in the North East since Roman times and over the years the chemical industry has been prominent due to the large mineral deposits of Salt and Coal. In the north of the region, Pharmaceuticals have played a huge role where in the middle speciality and fine chemicals took the lead and then petrochemicals and commodity chemicals being produced around Teeside. Some of the main industries over the period have been, Coal Mining, Petrochemical production, Iron and Steel Works, Alkali production, Shipbuilding and Glass manufacture.

It should also be remembered that his region was home to perhaps the most influential sailor of all time Captain James Cook who sailed his ship the HM Bark Endeavour from Whitby to discover and name for the western world the area known as the antipodes and their islands as well as many islands in the pacific ocean. His family home and early personal history is from Teesside.

Also that the steam turbine, was invented by Charles Algernon Parsons. He patented the first steam turbine on Tyneside in 1884. Parsons, born in Ireland in 1854, was a keen inventor who worked as Junior Partner in the Tyneside engineering firm of Clarke Chapman. In 1894 Parsons’ Marine Turbine Company launched the first powered by electric turbines, The Turbinia, which can still be viewed in the area.

With all this History and also the rolling hills and fells of the Yorkshire Dales it can be seen that the region is a very important area in Britain. Tourism, Industry and Business all thriving and bringing people to the area for a variety of reasons. To cater for the locals and the outsiders it is important that Coffee Suppliers in the North East do not rest on their laurels. To supply the tourist trade it is important to explore all the differing types of venues from Newcastle with its busy nightlife and pub culture to the B&B market in the peaceful countryside in the Dales. Each customer for the Coffee Suppliers in the North East will have different agenda to satisfy. City Life with its restaurants, cafes and bars also sets a challenge to the Coffee Suppliers in the North East; the café culture of the business world and office based clients who still want the best to keep them alert during their working day and then the early evening bistro bars when those workers need to unwind and relax perhaps in the sunshine when it is available or in a tastefully decorated theme venue, a little stronger blend with a bite to eat. Restaurants when the after dinner blends of espresso coffee being produced to a high standard finish of an excellent meal for those out celebrating or just enjoying not having to cook at home.

It may seem that the smaller cafes and restaurants in Villages are not worth the long journeys to service for the Coffee Suppliers in the North East but if they take that attitude they will be missing out on a very worthwhile market. These small but first class venues want to make sure their customers return year after year to keep up a steady trade and will need the expertise of the Coffee Suppliers in the North East to advise and supply the first class products they require.

Although the industrial area may not seem as lucrative for the Coffee Suppliers in the North East factory canteens still need to be supplied whether it be with freeze Dried Coffee Blends of Bulk Brew Filter Coffee to allow for high turnover at peak times. Cool Beans Coffee Company is able to satisfy all the needs of the people of the North East with every type of coffee and coffee machine which may be required.