Coffee Suppliers could be said to be of four differing types.

Firstly there are the farmers and workers in a variety of countries throughout the world who produce the coffee plants on their farms, taking four years or more to tend them, pick them when fully grown and then process them for sending on their journey.  The coffee growing belt covers the central band between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.   There are two types of coffee bean, Robusta a courser and cheaper bean growing at lower levels and Arabica which is finer and thrives more at higher altitudes.   Once picked there are two methods of preparing the beans for roasting. Wet or Dry. The wet method means after picking the beans, they are washed and then de-pulped by putting them through a mill before fermentation starts to develop the flavour complexity.

The dry method means laying the beans in the sun for two to three weeks depending on the weather conditions locally then hulling the husks off in a mill before sorting the beans into sizes with sieving machines.   When the beans are fully prepared the next step is to send the beans either overland or by sea to one of the next type of Coffee Suppliers.

The Roasters whether it is here in Britain or somewhere else in the world are the second type of Coffee Suppliers.   They import the raw but prepared beans and mix them together and roast them to make the blends we have now come to love.   Mixing the two types of beans and also the beans from various countries allows for a vast selection of blends to be produced.   Roasting alternatives also gives a flavour differential.    Coffee Suppliers of this second type then market the produce to a third type which is the middle man between the end user.

This category is where Cool Beans Coffee UK fits in.   Selecting only the best roasters and the finest products they endeavour to supply only top quality ingredients and coffee blends to their customers throughout the United Kingdom.   Cool Beans Coffee UK not only supplies the best coffee blends but have launched their own speciality blends in the Caffe Bramano range.  Own blend packaging for those customers who would prefer it is available and used by many to promote the venue they own by supplying 250gm packs as a retail product.

Some Coffee Suppliers of this third type, as Cool Beans do, also supply Coffee Machines and a variety of ancillary products and equipment related to coffee and its supply.  This gives our customers a full package without having to search for different suppliers and eases the way forward when starting up a new business or replacing equipment which may be past its best.
The fourth types of Coffee Suppliers are the end users such as the café, restaurant, theatre or cinema, hotel, kids play area, or a multitude of other venues which use coffee.   Before the coffee you are drinking arrives in your cup with a lovely smooth taste and a golden froth on top it has travelled maybe thousands of miles and taken up to five years to get to you from the farm it originated on, as a seed, far away overseas.   Given this background information it is not surprising that the coffee being sold to you costs in the region of £2- £3 per cup depending on the establishment offering you the refreshment.