Throughout Britain and indeed the rest of the world Coffee has become equal to Tea as a favourite hot drink. Commercial Coffee Suppliers have increased in number and the range they offer is large and varied. Cool Beans Coffee UK is one of these companies and has a lot to offer.

Most Commercial Coffee suppliers stick to supplying either Beans or Filter coffee where Cool Beans will supply all types including several types of Freeze dried, instant powder, vending machine supplies and also Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino Toppings. Commercial Coffee suppliers have to be aware of the types of venues they are supplying in order to assess which blend of coffee the customer might need.

Cool Beans Coffee UK have spent many hours researching what fits best and where so that they are able to advise customers of the finest blends for their particular clientele. This is an essential part of the service.

The vast number of commercial coffee outlets and the variety means that everyone should be keeping up to date for the benefit of their customers. When you consider the different venues running from coffee shops, fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, cinema’s, theatres, offices, medical clinics, hospitals, schools and colleges, garages, car sale rooms, therapy centres, leisure centres, golf clubs, children’s play areas, conference venues, airports, train stations and leisure cruises to name but a few it is no wonder that the Commercial Coffee Suppliers have their work cut out keeping on top of trends.

Taking into account the North South divide, and also the differing situations between Urban and Rural communities the task of making sure that each individual venue has the correct blend for their clients and liaising with the retailer makes this an interesting and full time occupation.

Cool Beans Coffee UK as an ethical and caring Commercial Coffee Supplier is kept busy not only supplying their special Caffe Bramano range of coffees but all the equipment required to make it. Commercial Coffee Machines are also a line of supply throughout the UK. We are able to offer most major brands of espresso machine, including, Rancilio, La Spaziale, SAB, Stafco, La Cimbali, Marzocco, Fracino, and Crem International.

On the Bean to cup machines we offer WMF, Franke, and Jura among others and for Bulk Brew and filter machines we offer Bravilor or DarenthMJS. Vending machines can also be provided for those who wish to purchase ingredients and fill the machine themselves. Of course, all these machines need to be looked after and our network of engineers throughout the country can do just that. A full package of everything a customer might need is offered, where required, to our customers who are buying a new machine. Lease purchase also has this service included.

As a Commercial Coffee Supplier, Cool Beans Coffee UK is ranked as one of the best. Good Service, helpful staff and a smile for our customers at all times.