Cool Beans Commercial Coffee Machines

In our busy modern world where business and leisure industries are trying to keep abreast of the times, commercial coffee machines are an essential item for all. In every field of industry and commence, commercial coffee machines are in evidence. It might be a small café, a convenience store, a large supermarket with a café attached, an amusement arcade, an office or a factory employing a considerable number of people. Almost any business you can think of these days, has a coffee machine of some description.

Of course, there are many different types of commercial coffee machines available with differing uses. The smaller business such as an office or hairdressers where help yourself options are required will go for the Bean to Cup range where Health and Safety issues are not a problem as these commercial coffee machines are designed to be used by those who have no experience in coffee making as such. Push a button and the type of coffee you wish will be delivered be it a Latte, Cappuccino, Americano or a flat white. Most of these machines have around ten different options for the discerning coffee drinker.

Another business such as a large café, coffee house, restaurant or bar, where serving drinks and food is the main focus of the venue, will use the other type of commercial machine which is the Espresso machine. Two types of Espresso commercial coffee machines are available, an automatic machine which is can be used by anyone without specific Barista training as long as they have a basic knowledge of how the different coffees are made. The semi-automatic machines are mainly used by Barista qualified personnel who do have an extensive knowledge of both the machines and the coffee they are using. The majority of venues we supply prefer the automatic machines which are readily available in made differing shapes and sizes.

Some of the smaller venues do prefer an instant coffee machine which is similar to the Bean to Cup model but using instant ingredients. In times gone by this type of machine was not very popular as the quality of the ingredients was poor. In modern times this has improved tremendously and a very reasonable cup of coffee can be produced using the granulated coffees and milks. The old vending machine is a thing of the past.

If you are looking for commercial coffee machines for which ever type of business you have, Cool Beans Coffee UK can offer advice on which make and model might be right for you. This will depend on your customer base, the footfall and capacity of your venue as well as the type of business you are operating.

Our friendly sales staff will help you every step of the way whether this be for a cash purchase or lease purchasing and the paperwork involved in that process.