Hotel Coffee Suppliers.

Throughout the world there are millions of Hotels all of which need coffee and therefore a Hotel Coffee Supplier is one of the essential contacts the buyer has to make.   In the UK we are not perhaps as big a coffee drinking nation as the United States of America but we are not far behind.   We do not expect to go into a hotel and be unable to get a decent cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.   Hotel Coffee suppliers are expected to be able to supply a good quality beverage in a variety of forms.

Firstly, if the Hotel has a coffee bar or lounge area with coffee being available from a bar then the Hotel Coffee supplier would need to have a good quality coffee bean to be used in either a Traditional Espresso machine or a Bean to Cup model such as the WMF or Jura range.   If the Hotel Coffee Supplier can supply private label coffee for the hotel they can increase their profits by selling bags of coffee to clients who love the taste and would like to use it at home.  It also increases the image of the Hotel and the quality of its product.

A large dining room in a hotel needs a bulk brew coffee machine which can service up to perhaps 20-30 tables at once.   Filter coffee especially packaged for the Bulk brewer is a must.   The Hotel Coffee Supplier must be able to source this at competitive rates.   In some cases Instant coffee is used in the dining rooms but this is probably only in the smaller guest house and private hotels.   However they still need a reliable Hotel Coffee Supplier who can deliver all the beverage requirements to the door at a price either cheaper or matching those offered by Cash and Carry outlets which are not always of the highest quality.

Bedrooms are another area Hotel Coffee Suppliers need to focus on.  Coffee sachets or sticks are needed to ensure the client of the Hotel is able to access a hot drink without going to the lounge, dining room or even to call room service.   These accessories in the room need to be of a high quality and individually packaged to ensure hygiene laws are adhered to and also keep the bedroom serving station relatively clean.

Another aspect the Hotel Coffee Supplier needs to be aware of is the conference facilities provided by many hotels.   Regular coffee breaks can be catered for either by using filter coffee in pour over machines and hotplates or by using urns with the coffee sticks provided.   Most hotels do not wish to have staff serving in conference rooms when they can be utilised in other ways.

If a Hotel Coffee Supplier can also source machines and accessories for the Hotel then a complete package is on offer.   Cool Beans Coffee UK is one of the companies servicing Hotels throughout mainland Britain who offer all these options.