Machines for Coffee Vans

In these times with most catering establishments closed it has become more evident that Coffee Machines for Coffee Vans are going to be needed more than ever. These open-air travelling vans are ideal for the current climate especially in open areas around industrial estates or parks where people escaping lockdown for exercise are not able to go into a traditional café for refreshments.

Not all coffee machines could be classed as Machines for Coffee Vans as the logistics of getting the vehicle fitted out and suitable for all weathers is a bit more difficult than would be imagined.   Firstly, power to run the machine is required and not everywhere the van is going to work will have an electrical link up.  This means of course that a generator will be required and the fumes from the generator will have to be filtered away in a safe and timely manner.   The Water supply is not too difficult to overcome as a flo-jet pump and barrel can be fitted should there be available space.  Taking into consideration that this van might also be offering food such as cakes or sandwiches sufficient prep areas will have to be allowed for away from the generator to comply with health and safety and food hygiene regulations.    All this being taken into consideration and obstacles being overcome the Machines for Coffee Vans can like machines for all other venues come in two types.

The Espresso Traditional Espresso machine is suitable for the larger catering van if it required and a Barista trained operative will be working. There tend to be slightly larger that the Bean to Cup Machines for Coffee Vans and also need space for a grinder to use in tandem. However, many people prefer to use the traditional espresso machine as this is what they envisage the coffee industry uses.

The most popular Machines for Coffee Vans are the Bean to cup machines as generally speaking they take up less room, do not need to have a separate grinder and dispense a delicious drink at the touch of a button.   This is not only quicker and less messy than having to grinder the coffee beans before making the coffee and having two pieces of machinery to keep spotlessly clean, the operating by push button makes it simpler for the operative to be friendly and welcoming to the customer.

With so many redundancies recently, there are many people looking out for a small business or franchise to run in order to be self sufficient and not have to sign on for benefits.   Cool Beans has had several enquiries about fitting Machines for Coffee Vans to use currently in the areas where people cannot unable to access a hot drink.   When things return to normal the vehicles can be utilised at Fetes, Fairs, Rally’s, Festivals of many kinds and when that time comes, they will be very versatile vans for use in any number of areas.

Cool Beans Coffee UK Ltd., can offer a great reliable service to provide Machines for Coffee Vans wherever in the country you might need one alongside their excellent coffee blends and accessories such as granulated milk, sugar, hot Chocolate and syrups to make speciality coffee drinks.

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