Manchester Coffee Suppliers

As a thriving Northern City, Manchester has exceeded expectations in its development from a mill town to a metropolis.   To Manchester coffee suppliers it is a hive of first class restaurants, cafés, bars and venues which need top quality ingredients for their customers.   Places like Salford Keys, The Trafford Centre and The Lowry Centre are a Mecca for shoppers and theatre and cinema goers alike.   A Manchester coffee supplier is kept really busy ensuring that all the many outlets have the right coffee and accessories to suit their trade.

As a Manchester coffee supplier Cool Beans Coffee UK is in an ideal position close by to service all the thousands of coffee shops and restaurants with it Special Caffe Bramano range.   Cool Beans Coffee UK not only supplies top quality coffees as a Manchester coffee supplier it also supplies the best coffee machines available.   Rancilio, La Spaziale, SAB, Franke, WMF, Stafco and many others are all available through our Sales department.   Installation and training for staff is included in the price and our customers, as your will see from the testimonials, are very pleased with the service offered.
There are Manchester coffee suppliers who tie their customers into contracts to take a certain amount of coffee over specified periods of time.  This is not a practice Cool Beans Coffee UK engages in.   We feel that our customers should feel free to choose and therefore keep our standards high to ensure they choose to continue with us rather than move to another Manchester Coffee supplier.

The Café culture booming elsewhere in Europe has been embraced by Manchester over the recent years and is booming in the large shopping malls and in the famous Canal Street area which is always teeming with life.   The shopping malls like the Arndale Centre in the middle of town need to be able to offer a respite to the throngs of busy shoppers who need a quiet space to relax and unwind with a really good coffee and something to eat before tackling the shops again.   The clever Manchester Coffee supplier can gauge the blends needed to offer this service and advise his customers which would be the most appropriate for their venue.   Late night shoppers might go for a good restaurant which will need a smooth after dinner coffee such as our Delizia Blend and during the day a strong lively blend such as Belissimo to keep the caffeine level high where stamina for shopping is required.

The many Museums, Theatres and Cinemas offer a good selection of bars and restaurants, all of which need refreshments for their visitors.   The Manchester coffee supplier is again on hand to advise.   The advice may be on which machine is best for that venue or whether it might be more appropriate to us a vending type machine such as the Darenth or Bravilor Machines.  Some may even need bulk brew machines all of which Cool Beans as a Manchester Coffee Supplier can offer at competitive prices.

As the foremost city in the north of England, Manchester offers a wealth of culture, shopping experience and hospitality to visitors from all over the world.   Its mix of old manufacturing town architecture and modern glass and chrome building are a delight for those who wish to wander through its multifaceted nooks and crannies.   A true cosmopolitan city surrounded by fantastic countryside and mountains just a few miles away.