Restaurant Coffee Machines.

Restaurant Coffee Machines have changed considerably over the last decade.  Gone are the small pour over machines which consisted of a brewer and two jugs with additional hotplates if required. Britain has caught up with the continent and America in using Espresso machines to furnish their customers with a top quality finale to their meal.   The hiss of the Restaurant Coffee Machine when making a delightful Americano, latte or espresso helps the ambiance of the venue and the smell of the fresh beans being ground enhances the mood of relaxation and conviviality brought on by a superb meal and good company.

Restaurant coffee machines are normally the espresso models such as Rancilio, La Spaziale, SAB, Fracino, Franke or one of the other popular brands imported from Italy.   However, Bean to Cup machines which could be something like the WMF German machines or Jura models are also very much valued by restaurateurs. One of the functions of the Restaurant Coffee Machine is to not only supply great coffee but is to look good.   A gleaming black and silver machine with sparkling crockery keeping warm on top assures the customer that not only is the venue committed to giving the best of service but that its standards of hygiene are high.   Walking into a restaurant and seeing a pristine coffee machine in the bar area or at a serving station is very reassuring.

Cool Beans Coffee tailors its Caffe Bramano range in order to suit the majority of Restaurant Coffee Machines whether they be espresso, bean to cup, filter, cafetiere systems or bulk brew machines.   It is imperative that supplier’s to the Restaurant Coffee machine outlet is able to accommodate all needs which differ considerably through the regions of the UK.   Catering for the discerning coffee drinker who likes the full bodied rich roast Italian bean to the milder brews favoured by the local café for those shoppers stopping off for a quick cuppa and a natter with friends or the catering outlet which perhaps deals more for the older customer who might prefer filter coffee as against the espresso, latte and speciality coffees which are found on every high street is something those who supply the restaurant coffee machines trade need to be fully up to speed with.   Know your customer’s customer is the watchword.