Do you have a Hairdressers or a Beauty Salon, Spa or Nail Bar without a coffee machine?

Cool Beans Coffee UK Ltd., is here to help.   Every salon venue of which ever nature needs a Salon Coffee Machine to ensure their customers enjoy a client experience with top quality drinks to make the time spent with you special.   Not only does a good quality coffee or hot chocolate help your visitor relax, staff also gain by having happy clients to work with but also a good energy boost themselves to get them through the day.

We can offer a Top-Class Salon Coffee machine at competitive prices either by outright purchase or lease purchase for those who do not wish to tie up capital with a lump sum payment.   Our Sales team can visit your venue to let you taste our coffee and try out our Salon Coffee Machine from one of our specially adapted vansm, housing a complete unit designed specifically to combat the trying conditions currently in place with the pandemic all around us.  Social distancing is possible and with the van being outside there is less risk to the salon or the public.

Our customers around Britain in Beauty Parlours, Hairdressers, Spa’s and many other Self-care venues appreciate our service and tell us their clients love the coffee and chocolate which our Salon Coffee Machine dispenses.   Although we are based in the Blackpool, we have customers as widely based as Cornwall and The North of Scotland with many more in between including Wales, Yorkshire and the midlands.

Our team at Cool Beans Coffee UK are dedicated to supplying the best quality Salon Coffee machine and truly great tasting ingredients to our customers wherever in mainland UK they may be based.   The machines we can offer are not only pleasingly aesthetic but efficient, robust and very easy to maintain.  An easy cleaning regime every evening after closing ensures the best results every day to enhance your own customer experience and staff satisfaction.   Nothing can be more welcoming on a cold winter’s day than the smell of fresh coffee as you enter warm, cosy premises to be pampered.

Whether you have a dedicated cafe area where a traditional espresso type of machine would be appropriate when staff are solely there to man the café bar or you have just a small station where a push button Bean to Cup self-serve machine is more suitable, either for customer self-dispense or staff making the drink without having to waste precious time boiling kettles and brewing up for work breaks or customers comfort, we have a machine to suit all needs.

The Bean to Cup machines offer a variety of drinks all at the push of a button and paper cups can be used to prevent a mountain of washing up accumulating to make the place untidy.

If you would like to have a demonstration of our Salon Coffee Machine options please give us a ring on 0800 107 6341 or contact us at [email protected]

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