Britain as we know does not grow coffee beans and therefore all coffee we need has to be imported and then roasted and prepared before passing onto the hands of Wholesale Coffee Suppliers throughout the UK.

Some of these Wholesale Coffee Suppliers are part of a large conglomerate which supplies not only coffee but many other beverages and food stuffs for the catering trade in general.

Most Wholesale Coffee Suppliers specialise in one or two types of beverage.

Cool Beans Coffee UK fits into the second bracket supplying coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino topping for the types of machines which require the freeze dried varieties and also beans for the commercial espresso machines.

As well as being a Wholesale Coffee Suppliers, Cool Beans supplies a variety of Coffee machines and the equipment needed to complement them.

When supplying a machine it is important to be able to provide the coffee for that appliance in order to give a complete service.

As a modern company Cool Beans Coffee UK relies on many differing avenues to find its customers, word of mouth locally and nationally as well as internet and social media advertising. Wholesale Coffee Suppliers need to be able to assess the need in their area and in the case of the national companies, the need throughout UK.

There are hundreds of Blends available from the roasters throughout Britain and therefore keeping on top of current trends and tastes is vitally important to the Wholesale Coffee Suppliers as not stocking the right mixes will have a detrimental effect on their business. It will be very important also to know about the water supplies in the different areas they supply as the type of water has an effect on the taste of the coffee. Also the water will have an effect on the coffee equipment which could fur up with limescale and therefore be less efficient and again impact on the taste of the coffee.

Roasting companies in general will not sell to catering establishments and therefore need to use the Wholesale Coffee suppliers to distribute the coffee they have imported and processed. The supplier is able to purchase from any number of roasting plants but we as a reputable company will only buy from well established ethical roaster who are not only efficient but reliable in order to make sure our customers only get the best. That helps us to keep a good working relationship not only with our suppliers but also our customers. Substandard ingredients are not tolerated. Only the best is passed on to our customers who appreciate this are loyal to us. Although based in Lancashire we supply venues throughout Britain and rarely have any complaints. If it should happen we are quick to sort out the problem so that our customers are not inconvenienced.