WMF 1200s is an entry level machine offering high quality machinery and is perfect for those venues with small to medium use. The machine gives you many drink options including Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso and Mocha at the touch of a finger.

A stylish interface and easy to use display, makes this an ideal machine for those who want to take the hard work out of the making of quality hot drinks. Consistency being a key factor.  The design is flawless, as ever, from WMF and the machine offers a robust German Made alternative to some of the Swiss Made models on the market.

Cool Beans would recommend this exceptional piece of machinery to anyone looking for a stylish and modern fully automatic coffee machine which gives out up to 100 cups per day. It is as at home in the office, medical practice and fitness studio, as in a small restaurant, petrol station, bakery, hairdressers, in a fast food shop or hotel bar. With the appropriate accessories, the machine is also a genuine all rounder.

Key features of this model.

Perfect and consistent Speciality Coffee at the touch of a button.

Self serve style menu for easy use.

Plug and clean system which eliminates the need to clean the milk parts yourself.

Slim Design

Economy mode saves power and designed for recycling.

The Price tip amongst professional machines

Perfectly matched accessories for the WMF can make your work easier and the 1200s even more powerful. For example, with the auxiliary cooler and coin checker, the WMF 1200s can become a complete, small self service unit.

Technical Data

Recommended daily output up to 100 cups.

Power Supply 2.2kw/230v.

Total hot water output per hour is 17 litres.

1 or 2 Coffee Bean Hoppers 500g

Chocolate or topping container (optional) 500g

Dimensions (Width/ Height/Depth) 324 mm /682 mm / 554 mm

Water Tank (tank model)  4 litres

Approx empty weight       33 Kg

A water filter is always recommended.