Barista Training Courses now available.

Cool Beans Coffee UK is one of the leading Coffee and Coffee Machine suppliers in the UK. As a family run business since 2005 we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality goods and great customer service for a reasonable price.

One of the most important aspects for Restaurant and Café proprietors is the quality of the coffee they serve and no matter how good the coffee is, it is not at its best unless whoever is making it has good professional Barista Training when using a traditional espresso coffee machine. No matter how perfect your Blend of coffee or how expensive and top of the range the coffee machine is, if the person making the drink is not sufficiently trained, customers will not benefit from the true flavours and textures of the latte, americano, cappuccino or any other drink offered in today’s coffee orientated marketplace.

To ensure our customers have access to the best Barista Training available we now offer this service throughout mainland UK.   Our trainers have many years’ experience in the trade and are able to impart a thorough knowledge and offer many differing options on the craft of making a really great cup of coffee.

Many places you might choose to stop off for a refreshing cup of coffee have all the latest equipment and marketing strategies but fail to provide their staff with even the basic Barista Training and therefore customers find to their dismay that the lovely coffee they were expecting, that the adverts promise, is very much less than they had hoped for.

Ensuring that their staff receive comprehensive Barista Training would not only make the customer experience 100% better but would also make the public return another time therefore doubling profit margins and helping to build the business.   The profit on coffee is one of the highest of all catering items.

If Barista Training is something you would like your staff to have simply call us or contact us through our website for further information. Our friendly staff will be able to book the training in, on a day and time convenient to both parties.

Cool Beans Coffee Company have always recommended training for the use of machines and supplied it to staff when the machine is installed.  This however, is not Barista Training as such, only a basic understanding of how to use the machine and make some of the different styles of coffee drinks which the British public demand in this modern world. Advanced courses are now available.

We can now offer these courses to all our customers on the UK mainland and also to anyone who serves coffee and would like to improve the standard of the beverage they offer to their clients or customers.

For further information please contact us on 0800 107 6341.

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