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Espresso Coffee Machines

//Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso Coffee Machines

In the modern world an essential piece of equipment in any catering outlet is a coffee machine.  The most popular are Espresso Coffee Machines.   These are generally made on the continent, mostly Italy and imported through agents or branches of the manufacturers in the UK.   They come in a variety of sizes and options.   When exploring the world of Espresso Coffee Machines it helps to know the names of the differing types and what you require of the machine.

A small venue with a slow turnover could manage with a 1 group machine which could either be plumbed in or tank fed.   Some venues where water availability is not easy find the tank fed option is preferable.   The 1 group machine will allow you to make two coffees at a time.  A Bar or takeaway outlet might be a good venue for this size.  If the venue is a café or restaurant which could be asked for four coffees all at once on a regular basis and the turnover is fairly steady then the choice would have to be a two group machine.   This copes very well in a mid range type of establishment such as a coffee bar or restaurant which has around 40 – 50 covers and is consistently busy.   The third machine is the three group which is geared more for the busy fast food venues or commercial coffee chains such as Starbucks or Costa.   These machines work tirelessly day after day and are real workhorses.

Espresso Coffee Machines while split into three groups also have another differential, they can be Automatic or Semi Automatic.  The Automatic machines dispense a set amount of coffee every time and then switch off.  This ensures consistency at all times and allows the user to walk away and do other things while the coffee is being made.   The Semi Automatic is operated manually and restricts the operator to being beside the machine until the brew is completed.  However it does allow for variation in the amount of coffee being dispensed so if a customer requires a stronger brew the user can manipulate the dosage.
To operate effectively Espresso Coffee Machines do need to have some accessories such as the Knockout drawer which fits under the machine to allow the operator to dispose of the coffee grounds left in the group handle.

To make speciality coffees a frothing jug is required for the milk and an essential item it the CTU water filter which ensures that the water quality if good and prevents lime scale building up and damaging the working of the machine.   One other essential item is, of course, the grinder.   It needs to be set to the particular coffee being used in the machine to make sure that optimum results are achieved.   Having the grinder set wrongly can drastically affect the taste of the coffee in your cup.

There are many different makes of Espresso Coffee Machines available to the commercial market and Cool Beans Coffee UK can supply most of them.   There are, Rancilio, La Spaziale, La Cimbali, Stafco, Gaggia, La Marzocca  and many more.

Espresso Coffee Machines are not just for the commercial market now, there are many domestic models to choose from should you wish to savour real coffee in your home.

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