One thing which is vitally important to a coffee shop or restaurant wherever they are situated is the ability to supply the best of produce for its customers including coffee. There is nothing worse than having a good meal spoiled by having a bad cup of coffee at the end of it, as that is the last thing which is remembered. However, not all venues just starting out can afford to buy a good coffee machine which again is essential if good coffee is to be available to customers. One option as an alternative to lease purchase or outright cash buy is coffee machine rental.

Not every coffee company is in the position to offer a coffee machine rental option to its customers; however Cool Beans Coffee UK is one of those who can. Although it is preferable to be the owner of a quality machine the option of coffee machine rental to ensure the best possible beverage for your customers is a viable and acceptable way of optimising your cash flow on start up of a business. Many of our customers prefer this option and continue with the coffee machine rental for many years rather than have a large outlay at any one time.

Most coffee machine rental deals include servicing and repair costs which again can prevent the inconvenience of laying out money for repairs especially when it usually happens at a difficult time such as when it is not perhaps easy to factor in repair costs to the budget.

As an ethical company, a coffee machine rental agreement with us, although it would expect only our coffee be used through our machine, we would not insist on a set monthly amount or pressurise our customers to purchase boxes of coffee they do not need at that particular time. We recognise that there are peaks and troughs in the market and therefore would expect coffee purchases to reflect those anomalies.

Wherever you are, if you would like to consider this option, please just give us a call and we will endeavour to come up with a fair and equitable contract to suit your needs.