Way back in 1931 in a small village called Niederbuchsiten half way between Zurich and Berne at the southern end of the Jura mountain range Jura Coffee Machines, named after the mountains, were founded.   They were mostly domestic model machines sold to the local Swiss market until 1991 when automatic speciality coffee machines came into vogue.   Jura then upped its game to compete in the International arena.

Jura Coffee Machines now have 86% of their sales outside of the Swiss borders and Jura is considered a major player in the Coffee Machine World and adhering to the Swiss stringent quality standards ensures they provide sturdy, high quality and durable machines assisted by the creativity of the workforce.
The way Jura thinks is Innovation, Precision, Quality, Durability and Enduring value.   With standards like these it is not hard to understand where the quality of the machines comes from.

The Jura Coffee Machines are mainly Commercial Automatic Bean to Cup Machines that allow users to select virtually any type of bean they choose to make their favourite coffee drink.  They can use a very exclusive blend from a delicatessen or just buy some from the local supermarket depending on your budget and taste.
Jura Coffee Machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes from the ENA Micra 1 suitable for around 25 cups of coffee per day to the Giga X9 which will produce up to 250 cups per day.   There are many in between which will handle 75 or 100 cups per day depending on need, for your venue.   Bean to Cup machines are popular due to the fact that they are automatic and give consistent drinks every time.  In a café or restaurant where quality and consistency is essential to keep customers returning the Bean to Cup machine is a definite asset.    Jura Coffee Machines almost certainly are up there with the leaders in their market.

The main types of venue for which these machines are suitable are the low turnover venues such as Bars, Sports Centres, and Community Centres etc. where the espresso machine, which is very different, is more suited to the high volume coffee shops and fast food restaurants where the throughput could easily be four times higher.    Howe

ver, those using either machine can judge for themselves which is more suitable for their particular clientele.
Although there are many different companies producing bean to cup coffee machines the Jura Coffee Machine brand is well respected as a mid range, reliable coffee making machine brand. For those looking for a good quality, easy to use low volume coffee maker a Jura is definitely a machine to investigate.   It is competitively priced, aesthetically pleasing and looks good on show in any Bar, Restaurant or establishment where coffee is on offer.   As previously stated the Jura range can be used with any type of bean and therefore doesn’t have to have an expensive blend but will work equally well with cheaper coffee and will still make a good cup of coffee.
Cool Beans Coffee UK has supplied Jura machines to our customers for several years and has been happy with the response and positivity shown once they have been installed and are working well.