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No matter the size of your Office or the type of office it is, Office Coffee Machines are always welcoming on a cold winters morning to help staff settle in and get productive.

Cool Beans Coffee Limited offers Office Coffee machines producing high quality coffee with a variety of styles of coffee drinks such as Americano, Latte, Cappuccino and many more up to 15 different options.  Our high-quality Hot Chocolate is also something our customers tell us they love.

Having Office Coffee machines on site means that staff will not waste time boiling kettles and making brews.  One push of a button and their drinks is in their hand.  No more chatting in the kitchen with the excuse of waiting for the kettle.  It also means that one person is not delegated to making drinks and can be utilised in something more productive.

Not only do Office Coffee Machines save time and energy, they broadcast to any customers or visitors that your company is forward thinking and efficient leaving more time to devote to the business in hand.

As a responsible company, you would think closely before committing to the cost of any new equipment.   When considering the purchase of Office Coffee Machines, it would be good to explore the benefits that Cool Beans Coffee Limited offer.   With each machine, a supply of top-quality coffee, up to 4000 drinks including Hot chocolate, granulated milk and some paper or ceramic cups and saucers, per machine is included free of charge.   A full warranty on Office Coffee Machines is offered as long as you continue to buy ingredients from us at competitive prices.   A cup of coffee on average costs around 8p. for the coffee ingredient.  Most Bean to Cup coffee machines can be fitted with a coin operation should you prefer your staff to pay as they go or a token option can be available.   These might be more suitable for the larger office areas where there may be a need for more than one machine.  If our office has more than one floor a machine on each floor would prevent staff traveling to a central area each time a drink is required.  The lease purchase options give an alternative to paying a lump sum outright when times may not allow for capital expenditure to be viable.

In offices where a waiting area is used regularly such as Doctors, Clinics, Solicitors, Accountants or others of such a nature where appointments may run over and customers or patients may have to wait a little while to be seen, the Office Coffee Machines offered by our company provide a really good alternative to a vending machine where inferior quality ingredients may be used.  Our Office Coffee Machines are easily maintained, simple to replenish and give a consistently good, tasty hot drink.   The hot water option can also be used for tea should this be something you company wishes to supply.

If you feel that our company can help you take care of your staff and visitors in a very positive way, please call us on 0800 107 341 where our friendly team will be happy to help

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