The story of Faema Coffee Machines started in 1945 when a gentleman called Carlo Valente opened a coffee machine factory in Milan called the Factory Electro Mechanical and Associated Equipment.   (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche Afffini) FAEMA

During the great economic boom after the war Faema Coffee Machines launched machines with names inspired by space travel which was just coming into being.   Saturno, Marte, Venere and Urania.    Saturno was designed for high volume settings, Marte was built using futuristic lines and was the first machine to have Hydro-compressed coffee infusion written on the plexiglass.  Venere was a compact model made especially for the cafes and clubs devoted to leisure which became popular after the end of the war.  Urania had space shapes and a back lit front panel.  All innovative for their time.

These machines were the mainstay of the brand for many years until 1961 when Faema Coffee Machines produced the E61 which had a volumetric pump made to push water onto the coffee cake from the pump at the pressure of 9 atmospheres needed to brew the espresso.  This method replaces the lever.   Wetting the ground coffee optimises the pre-infusion principle to ensure a maximum extraction of the aromatic substances.

In the seventies Faema Coffee Machines took a leading role not only in Italy buy all over the Latin countries. The Faematronic was the first traditional coffee machine to have electronic dosage and displaying operating parameters.  It was due to the forward thinking of its team in investing in marketing and sales that became a worldwide practice of sponsoring sports teams. The Faema Coffee Machines brand can be seen on such team shirts as champions Merckx, Adomi, Gaul and Van Looy.

Between 1991 and 2009 Faema Coffee Machines continued to be developed to a high standard and became well known throughout the western world.    The E91 is still today a great success n the commercial world and at that time as a fore runner of the modern machine using the latest technology of the day.   The X3 started a new generation of Super Automatic machines which used innovative materials to ensure durability, hygiene the newly innovated Smart boiler to optimise steam and Hot water performance. A compact super automatic machine the Barcode was launched in 2008 to offer high quality services that proved to be a turning point in the coffee machine field.

In 2015 to celebrate its 70th Anniversary offering a new company payoff Express Your Art to illustrate the brand and product.   This resulted in yet another machine coming into existence, the Faema E71.

Faema Coffee Machines continue to evolve and have become one of the leading manufacturers of High-End Traditional Espresso and Bean to Cup coffee machines in the world.   Whatever your requirements are for a high quality, reliable and durable coffee machine, Cool Beans Coffee UK can supply you with a Faema machine suitable for your needs.

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