In the current climate, our Takeaway Coffee Machines are more in demand than ever. With most coffee shops and restaurants being closed during the Covid pandemic only takeaway venues are open and available to the public when out and about. Whether the venue be a sandwich shop, fish and chip shop, convenience store or a mobile unit, our Takeaway Coffee Machines are an essential piece of equipment to enhance not only the customer experience but also profit for the owner of the premises or van.

Our Bean to Cup machines are especially suited to the takeaway market giving a really good quality nbeverage and can be adapted in many ways to suit the site. For a convenience store the proprietor my want to have a coin-operated system in place to allow the customer to serve themselves choosing one of the many options available on the machine menu. The venue which has a staff member operating one of our Takeaway Coffee Machines can opt for which ever size of drink they wish and the machine will be set up to offer consistently great Cappuccino’s, Latte’s, Americano’s, Flat Whites or any other variations of a coffee drink required without having a staff member spending time making them, when they are possible also having to make sandwiches or serve Fish and Chips. The push of a button is all it needs and the drink is ready.

Our Takeaway Coffee Machines can be used to serve a variety of sizes of cups, both crockery with saucers to perhaps use in an outside area and also takeaway cups with lids for carrying away. Cool Beans Coffee Ltd. supplies both of these to our customers when ever they are needed. This can be arranged with our logo or with the customers own logo if this is something you would prefer.

Up and down the country from the North of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall our Takeaway Coffee Machines are in daily use. Ensuring that a good hot drink of coffee or Hot chocolate is available to those out on daily walks for exercise or merely doing essential shopping as is allowed following the rules laid down by the government during these difficult times. When restrictions are lifted and the entertainment venues are once more offering hospitality cinema and theatres are ideal locations for our Takeaway Coffee Machines as they can be operated independently by the theatre or cinema goer where a coin operation system is fitted. Nothing is more welcoming when arriving at a cinema or theatre on a cold winters evening than the smell of Hot Coffee wafting over the foyer.

If you feel that your business would benefit from having one of our Takeaway Coffee Machines, we at Cool Beans Coffee would be happy to offer you a demonstration of both machines and coffee from one of our specially adapted vans which have one of our Takeaway Coffee Machines installed in the body of the vehicle. We do not have to enter your premises and we can travel all over the mainland UK to assist you to make up your mind about what type of machine you would find most suitable for your needs You can give us a ring on 0800 107 6341 or contact us through our website

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